Php development

Develop Magento with Php !

The performance of a site typically depends on the technique used for its preparation. If a site has a higher competitiveness thanks to the actions of developers and programmers with programming scripts used. Currently, with the rise of online shopping sites, several platforms were created specifically, it is the case of Magento.

Magento : let's explain

Magento is an open-platform program used in the e-commerce site creation. It was created in 2008 with the frameworks Zend, it specializes in the sale of online sites. It promotes natural search sites. At first it contained several versions especially for business or community, but later comes the professional version that combines both. The latter includes such loyalties functions, customer credits, gift vouchers. It is deemed to be highly effective for private sales with more customers. In short, it is strictly specific and allows the website designer to offer several features essential for online purchase. It proposes, besides these competitors, as the necessary solution to professionals to run the site.

Using Magento

Magento is a program written with php, php 5.2.0 and is the most appropriate and is the minimum version required for its programming. It is actually useful for sites of significant importance because rare are the agencies with magento developers who mastery. In other cases, those who know the set up offer rather high fees. Otherwise, it is still one of the platforms that work and that are essential and mandatory features for e-commerce site worthy of the name. With Zend Framework as architecture, Magento offers including site management, the ability to control and ease of payment, the possibility of mobile commerce as well as all affiliated functions such as ordering and payment also. Product catalogs are also available with this free solution. What makes his specialty is the ease of access to Dijon and customer service for the order, questions or complaints.

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