Php development

Php 7 is switched to 7.1 be ready !

The web application development tools are especially numerous now. Admittedly, it is the effectiveness of the tool that greatly determine the quality of work. One of the most used tools recently to develop innovative web site is PHP. With its many advantages, the developers must choose. In addition, this tool is always changing always offering new features for a more streamlined work. In this sense, we will therefore see a new version of php namely version 7.1.

More about PHP

Clearly, a php programmer uses php to design websites. It is a tool specifically designed for web application development. In this sense, PHP is a scripting language for both generalist and open source server side. It integrates easily into HTML. It will no longer be necessary to use a ton of commands to display it as the php pages already contain HTML fragments. Also, being on the server side, the php code will run exclusively on the product to HTML server. The result will then be sent directly to customers without the latter do not have means to access the source code. The server can also be configured so that it processes the PHP files and HTML files in the same way. This will completely confuse static pages dynamic pages.

Version 7.1

I must say that php is constantly changing and offering new versions every time. Version 7, for example, is focused on a production still more increased with respect to the basic version of php. So we win effectively in speed compared to the earlier version. It is obvious that the shortcomings of older versions have also been addressed effectively. Now version 7.1 was also designed for even more performance. Clearly, version 7.1 will have new features like support for nullable types to multiple exceptions management in a wrestling type of clause. This version will therefore focus on performance and not on the syntax rules. Everything was done so that developers can easily use this tool while enjoying impeccable results.

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