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What is htaccesss in php ?

In programming we have so many languages that we can use. Sometimes we have to be spoiled for choice. But, what we must ask before starting to develop software, an application or a game, it is whether we really need all the resources that we can bring the programming language. You must be very careful about this because, when you do not choose well your programming language, you may end up with software that does not work very well. We all know that it is not a good think for you. Still, today we will talk about a particular concept in php, the .htaccess.

.htaccess is a powerful tool, we need to use it every time when it is necessary.

Do you know what htaccess is? We will talk about it in some few words. Don’t worry my php developers, you are going to be able to use it very easily. Basically, we can say that this is a configuration file for Apache. This allows you not only protect your pages with a password but also, it gives you the ability to create your own error pages as the page that everyone probably knows, page 404. This then is a tool that you will be very useful when you design dynamic websites or even for your applications that you will develop. What we advise you before you jump in the use of .htaccess is to visit our website. Above, you will find everything you may need to make a good use of .htaccess. It is important not need you to be sure to have everything right but, when tested, not everything goes as planned. In case of problems, do not also hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy to bring you our help to enable you to make a clean and efficient.

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