Php development

Why facebook is still under php ?

The PHP programming language is already very famous in the field of computer science. The performance of this language is such that even the largest social network, Facebook, has used it for its development. Indeed, for those who do not know yet, the giant is under php and it is still until then.

PHP's irreplaceable dynamics

If Facebook was developed under PHP it is for a very good reason that is the dynamism that this language possesses. Indeed, PHP has a certain flexibility and elegance that make this language a real base for dynamic sites such as Facebook. Now you have to wonder how Facebook was written by PHP? php development is now a common operation. And PHP is a language that is constantly evolving, which explains the fact that this social unit has kept it apart from other languages ​​such as C ++ or language (D) that the site also uses. PHP is also used to design applications that are widely used on this website. With all these assets, it makes sense that the site keeps as a basis for programming. This did not prevent the site from releasing its new language which is the Hack. It has been noticed that PHP adapts easily because of their almost similar structure and can walk parallel with.

How is the marriage of languages?

It is certain that PHP remains a very powerful language that is probably why Facebook used it at the beginning. But the dynamism and interactivity of the site demands even more power and PHP proved to be slower than expected so it had to be pushed a little more. To boost the site, Facebook therefore modified the script and created a language that closely resembles the Preprocessor Hypertext previously stated as Hack. This one is an improved version of PHP with remarkable speed, which does not however allow the site to go without the main language which is PHP remaining the main root of Facebook.

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