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Why every developer buy code from framework ?

Wheter ruby on rails developers or other, the latter provide most of the time codes from many frameworks. The reason is very simple. Frameworks provide them with a wide variety of codes that can be modified, improved, Performed at will while avoiding, perhaps, lose more time creating. But then framework or not? A phrase that is found everywhere even in the forums.

What most developers do not know is that while they encode Procedural they already use a framework. Depending on the project you create, you will encounter many similar functions, which will allow you to create, without realizing it, your own functions to reuse. You will then build you a real tool library and create your own framework.

Why use code from another?

Gradually, as you create your own library, then you become more productive and able to earn more and more time to each of your projects. The open source framework will be all the libraries of a hundred or even thousands of developers.

Once the framework is well assimilié then you will get a code at a time tested and manager allowing you to code faster and more efficiently. All open frameworks using the Model View Controller structure to separate the presentation of the logic part. One method that can be complex but yet, you can get a clean, simple code to debug. Not to mention that a framework is all about teamwork because everyone will then be encoded according to the conventions.

Framework means performance

When we then use a framework, it is immediately referred to the performance. Although most of them do not include many libraries, they are still more greedy. This performance can be improved more based on the understanding of the framework fonctionnemet in question. It is possible that we can then find the most websites with very high traffics while use frameworks deemed to be "slow".

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