Protect your code if your use a cheap hosting !!

It is obvious that a website can be a victim of piracy or hacking. Most of the time, the site is used by a hacker as a phishing platform or sending spam. It can also be erased to be replaced by another. Sometimes your site is the victim of many security holes.

A secure shared server?

During the creation of your site, then it is best to ask your ruby ​​on rails developers to properly secure codes on your site to avoid this kind of thing. Especially if you choose a web host offering cheap hosting services for your platform. Normally, the latter shared server is secure and has all the necessary tools for blocking suspicious behavior. As a professional, he then has a perfect mastery of his tools that also provides for puisiez you make a control of your site each time.

Your web host will surely not do the security check for you. It only manage its hardware and servers. It is then not responsible for data contained on your website. However, sometimes suspends the site for any hacking for you to solve your problem. A move that will make your website unavailable.

Why not choose a cheap web host

Most people are tempted by the products at very attractive prices. Indeed, the main factor in purchase motivation is the cost. Our main fault is then always believe that these hosts not tell us without us really realizing the consequences in the long term. For the true of false, then simply read the marketing pitches from these sites. You will soon realize that they almost all say the same thing. The main problem with this type of hosting is also in the allocation of space and the allocation of bandwidth with a completely useless program. And if your site will not soon reached by hackers, it will cause the loss of your sales if you are not careful. Anyway, it would be best to hire professionals like a php developer to properly protect your site.

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