An overveiw of our HK Datacenter

To protect your website, you have to choose the server which adopts your system and your business traffic. There are so many choices, but it depends of your kind of business. Let’s talk about your big and performer business online, that the koDDoS project.

We still survive because we are higher

That’s a free technology, and we can develop our business with it. When we talk about hosting, we think about stronger and faster. Yes, that is how everybody talk about hosting in Hong Kong. We can’t imagine how infrastructure is it to be able to manage many websites in the world. We have to be serious to collaborate with them and have a reason to adopt them. The other reason is about the price, it may cost to your and make noise to your financial situation, so, if your business is little, you don’t need a hosting service like koDDoS. The best reasons to adopt this system is to take care about our security website, and it is more important than everything else.After that, it gives more area to explore and more customers in the bottle. We have visit the local place of our Hong Kong Datacenter and our first impression in the giant infrastructure.

Visiting the biggest Datacenter

It’s very exciting to see this big infrastructural place and the space that it’s occupying. It is like a little island in the middle of anywhere with rooms and many storage organization inside. Every society have his own storage in one of those boxes. The door is so thick with a digital security system in a high level. In one case, we find 5 servers for the clients and another big one to save their data. It is a big labyrinth with many corridors and a wall of boxes server. In the other case, we have connections cable for the software system and managing communication. And the last one is the biggest one with a face of a furious beast which support on the corridor. There is no word to describe the level of this place.

All is structural position in a high design with a great distribution of service of maintaining and management system, it is just awesome.

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