Don't like Cloudflare ? What are the alternatives

The Cloud has an essential place in the field of the web. It represents security as well as accessibility for all. Among the most used currently, there is Cloudflare. Despite its rating, it is quite possible to find an alternative to this storage solution. It is by knowing the concept better that it will be possible to better understand it later.

Why Cloudflare?

Clearly, Cloudflare is a simple but very effective way to optimize a website for its performance. Indeed, many techniques have been implemented in this tool to increase the performance of a website. Cloudflare greatly helps to reduce the loading time of the site, to improve its security and its use in a general way.
Cloudflaire's operation is similar to an inverted proxy. The flow that the site receives is therefore directly routed to Cloudflare's intelligent global network. It then filters this stream to determine unwanted, malicious traffic, and any queries that drain server resources.
Cloudflare uses several techniques to make the site faster. First, it caches the static content in order to redistribute it to the site. In addition, the content is condensed to facilitate its recovery.

Other alternatives

There are many alternatives that can be found in Cloudflare while including the DDOS protected. First, there is AWS or Amazon Web Services. This solution is proposed by the Amazon company that can be used in several ways. It also has all the features of Cloudflare.
Otherwise, there is Imperva Incapsula which also offers ddos ​​protection with a content delivery network, a load balancer and a high security of the website.
KeyCDN is also a good choice to have a very functional tool. Indeed, KeyCDN is a content distribution network with transparent prices optimized for the SSD. A real-time dashboard is also included.
There is also JavaPipe which is a hosting for Java and PHP apps. This solution effectively combats all cyberattacks.

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