Php specialists but not only !

If you already master php, remember that you can also control another language while developing your skills. Indeed, it will be easier to quickly master a new programming language if you have already mastered another. If you work with php so long since your early days, why not try to become a ruby ​​on rails developers?

Learning Ruby on Rails

The first thing that makes the new darling Rails developer is none other than the language itself. Ruby provides a very simple syntax and is not very verbose while being very flexible. If you are an experimented a developer, then Rails will open more the way to uniquely meta-programming. Intellectually you will surely experience a great pleasure to organize your thoughts and write a code in that language.
Once the configuration and setup of your machine are made, the tool set that is attached to the Rails is easier with a text editor, a terminal and a browser. Then there is no down time for charging when you are about to code.

Rails is a framework. So that you must register it as a developer. Note that this tool is totally unique and is also suitable for web application development. It also offers more flexibility for cash each well change without flinching while promoting the arrangement and the reunification of the database, the front and back end.

Also based on the principle of Convention over Configuration, architecture folders which will constitute your code will be fully standardized and mandated by Rails. The way rail will promote grip within hours of any Rails application even though the framework has not coded a single line then facilitate both collaboration and learning.

For over a decade, Ruby is maintained and further developed by thousands of passionate developers. Therefore, as an open source module, there are also thousands of gems. When a new feature is then to develop in record time, simply be based simply on an existing module.

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