What is new in RoR ?

What is new in RoR?

RoR (Ruby on Rails) is a web development framework that has been in place for over ten years now, used by major companies but also fun, easy, powerful and full of the necessary features that a web developper needs to construct web applications. The system has recently upgraded and launched it's new version called Rails 5 with some very interesting and dramatic changes, note that this is the biggest release from RoR since 2013 and it's quite an impressive one.

So what are the changes?

An RoR developer can now send data to all connected users including the possibility to update whatever they see in their browsers thanks to ActionCable that will leverage websockets to keep open connections between computers and servers, this creates the possibility of a chat application for users by example. The API mode, that can now generate the Rails application within, meaning no more need to do the usual things to be able to run the Rails application in the browser, this includes the 'view' and 'assets' section of the application, allowing the user to communicate with Rails via 'RESTful' links and transfer data in JSON, it will offer more chance of users to build even more types of applications if wanted or needed. This new version has also dropped the 'rake' command in the terminal that was used to run tasks. Other changes are the new logo, the change of the default web server from Webrick to Puma as some articles of the former are now out of date and Turbolinks 5 is now in place to help load pages much quicker. RoR has now made sure that Rails 5 is a firm web development framework for years to come thanks to the fact that there is no more need to think about different frameworks to use or the decision inbetween an API only application or to include real-time features, and as the modern day and age demands real-time updates and speed to be the norm, RoR have made sure of it with this new version.

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