Always work with a good company for your ecommerce !

Integrator Magento, Gentflow accompanies you in the elaboration and the implementation of your e-commerce strategy. Take advantage of our experience in consulting, webdesign, development and e-commerce oriented e-marketing.
Our company is an expert in creating e-commerce sites. And in creating e-commerce websites design under Magento. Experts in the e-commerce website design we propose to develop your online shop with a proven Open source solution: Magento 2. We adapt this solution to all your expectations. Confide the realization of your e-commerce site to experts Magento.

- Audit and consulting

- Overhaul of your e-commerce site

- Ergonomics and custom web design

- Development of modules - Accommodation

- Service contract

An open source e-commerce solution completes

Several main advantages justify a very wide adoption of this Open source tool dedicated to the e-commerce: a rare functional wealth which allows a complete autonomy of the e-trader, an exemplary ergonomics and an evolutionary technical design.
Also optimized for the referencing Magento allows you to be visible on the web.
Fully scalable, it allows to create unique commercial websites, in adequacy with your image and able to accompany the evolution of your needs on the long term. It is currently considered as the best platform for online sales thanks to its wealth, thanks to its capacity of customization and evolution.
The alliance between Gentflow and Magento allows you to distinguish yourselves from your competitors: well-kept design, development of innovative features, aquisition of traffic, successful accommodation.

What Magento 2 brings to your business online

Since 2015, Magento 2 is operational for projects operating environment. Its contributions are significant.
- User experience better response times in particular via native integration of Varnish and kernel restructuring.
- Administration: redesign of the back office , including management of product data sheets.
- Scalability : integration of a continuous integration system ( test automation ) .
- Integration with your SI: strengthening the API and a service-oriented architecture (SOA) .

Always work with a magento development company for your ecommerce !

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