How to be sure that your developer code well ?

When talking about the web world, several concepts were created to perfect the best its domination. By this, we could see ruby ​​on rails that offer many benefits now. It is a tool for both practical and efficient in its field. Its use will allow, among others, to check code obtained for better monitoring and better results later.

Ruby on rails: a reminder

Remember, ruby ​​on rails is, above all, a programming language like PHP, Java or Python. It is a web framework that is mostly used by startups currently. Which is advantageous with Ruby on Rails or RoR is that it will enable the rapid development of websites while using best practices in the field. It is an innovative framework and very well designed which has become an inspiration for other frameworks. The excitement due to the use of this concept is explained by the many benefits it currently offers. Above all, ruby ​​on rails developers have made sure that the framework has a good library management. We also talk about SASS and CoffeeScript course. Otherwise Rak, Rake and pitcher tasks are also part of these benefits. Also, there is the deployment of cloud, Active Record and the tests that are possible with ruby ​​on rails.

Ruby on Rails: Check code

Yes, ruby ​​on rails has many advantages while being practical in use. One of these advantages is the possibility of tests on the development of code. In addition, it is part of the tools of this framework and it will execute automatically too. This will avoid the computer to make thousands of test each time the code is changed. To test effectively, therefore, we can use a ruby ​​library to be called quiz. This is a native app version 1.9 of ruby ​​but can easily be installed on earlier versions. From there, just enough to take the test according to the code and you'll have it.

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